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With the rapid development of my country's economy, the demand for electricity from all walks of life is increasing, and the phenomenon of uneven electricity consumption at different times is also becoming more and more serious. In order to alleviate the increasingly acute contradiction between electricity supply and demand in my country, adjust the load curve, and improve the imbalance of electricity consumption, fully implement the peak, flat and valley time-of-use electricity price system, "cut peaks and fill valleys", and improve the country's electricity efficiency and reasonable Utilizing power resources, the power departments of some provinces and cities in China have begun to gradually introduce multi-rate electric energy meters to charge users' electricity consumption in time.

In April 1995, the National Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, and the Ministry of Electric Power Industry jointly held a decision at the National Planning Conference on Power Consumption in Shanghai. It will take 3-4 years to plan and step by step in all major power grids across the country. Fully implement the peak-valley time-of-use price system. The overall goal is to transfer 10% to 15% of peak power from each network, and to achieve transfer of 10-20 million kilowatts of peak power across the country. The scope of implementation is not only for industrial and commercial users, but also for non-industrial and agricultural power consumption. In areas where conditions permit, that is, residential power consumption areas that have implemented one household, one meter, there will also be planned development of low electricity consumption and implementation of peak and valley electricity prices to increase the utilization rate of electricity and improve the quality of electricity consumption of residents. Use different time periods and different billing standards for power users. Encourage power consumption during low periods.

In 1980, Henan Province first proposed to measure electric energy according to peak and valley time segments, and to promote reasonable, balanced and scientific electricity consumption by economic means, and then began to conduct pilot projects. Through practice, some valuable experience was initially explored. . Subsequently, Shanxi Province has successively conducted joint pilot projects in some power users using simple equipment.

   From 1982 to 1985, many provinces, cities and regions across the country also implemented time-sharing metering of electric energy and new charging systems adapted to this, and achieved great results. Some large power grid bureaus also regard it as an important content of technological improvement and one of the important measures to develop scientific electricity use. So far, our country has stepped into the ranks of countries that use a variety of electricity prices as an auxiliary management method and control electricity load.


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