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   Yupei technology's competition concept is "master the core technology, continuous innovation". The company insists on independent research and development and has independent intellectual property rights. At present, it has dozens of patents, proprietary technology and software copyright. Yupei technology has developed a variety of products in the field of intelligent instruments, which is strongly supported by the national science and technology innovation fund, and has established its own brand. Yupei technology has been rated as "famous trademark". At present, there are more than 100 products of four series developed and produced by the company, which are sold well in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China and exported abroad.
   Relying on the advanced enterprise culture, first-class core technology, excellent product quality, process management and network service, Yupei technology products sales has changed from sales promotion to customers' active purchase, and the supply is in short supply. The strong talent team and the continuous improvement of R & D concept ensure the technology, quality, product variety and market of Yupei technology intelligent instrument in the field of measuring instrument The outstanding advantages of field scale. Yupei technology has become a leader in the development, production, sales and service of China's civil intelligent watch industry.
The core idea of Yupei Technology Co., Ltd. is to cultivate first-class talents, develop first-class products, provide first-class services and establish first-class enterprises. Yupei technology will continue to forge ahead and make due contributions to the development of high-tech industry of the Chinese nation!
   the main customers are:
   Shanghai Volkswagen Group (remote water meter); Shanghai Zhongfu Antique City (remote electricity meter); Haikou Yunlong Industrial Park (wireless remote water meter); Yunnan Pu'er Park (water meter project); Sichuan Tongwei Sanlian aquatic products trading center (hydropower meter); Zibo Jiazhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (remote meter); unit 69212 of Lanzhou Military Region of Gansu Province (heat meter); Xinmi, Henan Province Yijingwan (hydropower card); Lijing garden of Greenland Group (Yuanchuan hydropower meter); Xinzheng xianglongcheng (remote control meter); Shanghai Baolong real estate (Yuanchuan hydropower meter); Hebei Tangshan future city (hydropower meter); glasses Co., Ltd. (Dongguan) Optical Co., Ltd. (ammeter); Hefei Kunlun Gas Company (gas payment terminal); Shanghai Xinfu Technology (Yuanchuan hydropower meter) )Wait. Yupei technology has contributed to energy measurement and control with superior technology and excellent quality, and has steadily stepped into the international arena.

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