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For a long time, the management of large-caliber water meters is an important link for the survival and development of water companies. The level of its management determines the profitability of the water companies, so it has been highly concerned by the water companies. However, the problem of how to manage the water meters has always troubled many water companies.

At present, the problems in the management of large-calibre water meters include:

1. The water meter fault can be found in time within the meter reading cycle;

2. The time of measurement inaccuracy cannot be effectively judged within the verification period;

3. The meter matching is unreasonable;

4. There is the phenomenon of "human meter reading";

5. The return of water charges is slow;

6. Poor real-time data.

Based on this background, our company launched the photoelectric direct-reading GPRS large-caliber water meter remote transmission system, hoping to provide a way to solve the above problems. GPRS large-caliber water meter remote reading system is mainly composed of control center, GPRS/GSM network, acquisition terminal, and water meter (flowmeter). The acquisition system is the water meter, acquisition terminal and communication module installed on the site; GPRS network collects local mobile company network; The control center is composed of data center server and meter reading software. The software regularly sends down data reading commands and receives the returned information for analysis and processing; The user access terminal is actually a web page that displays the copied and processed data. Users at all levels can access the user name and password to view the consumption data quickly and conveniently.

The water meter collects and sends data every 60 minutes (the interval can be freely set), and makes targeted statistical analysis of these data through the meter reading software, which not only conveniently realizes the conventional reading and water statistics, but also plays a very good role in overcoming the above problems and listening to the marketing management level.

Shanghai Yupei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand specializing in the production of intelligent water meters, spiral wing large-caliber water meters, NB-IOT wireless remote water meters, Internet of Things remote water meters, and ultrasonic water meters, with excellent quality and high cost performance! The products radiate to all regions of the country and are exported overseas. With superior technology and excellent quality, Yupei Technology has contributed to the energy measurement and control and has steadily stepped into the international arena.


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