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Juchao: the new retail tide, enabling the supply and marketing of traditional



"Not only to speed up the pace of e-commerce into rural areas, but also to let Juchao network take root and blossom and bear fruit in all parts of the country.". Does it sound ambitious? However, it is precisely this ambition that the founder of Juchao has led his team for five years. It has built a high-quality cross supply and procurement platform through online and offline two-way combination, providing services and guidance for 2800 counties and towns in China, bringing them better economic benefits and new economic models, and getting rich together,
Thus, it has won the unanimous praise of the industry, and on this basis has become a new business card in the new retail trend.
So, what's the charm of Juchao? How does it do it? With these questions, our reporter has the honor to interview the relevant person in charge of Juchao, Mr. Chi
General manager Chi: in recent years, the user growth and traffic dividend of traditional e-commerce due to the wide spread of Internet and mobile Internet terminals are gradually shrinking, and the growth "bottleneck" faced by traditional e-commerce begins to appear. As the saying goes, "pure e-commerce is dead, and a new retail era has come", the "ceiling" of traditional e-commerce development has been vaguely visible. For e-commerce enterprises, only reform can have a way out. In such an environment, we need a breaker, and "Juchao" is the first batch of practitioners in the new retail trend,


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