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Split type heat meter

Shanghai Yupei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise specializing in smart meters and systems in China. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of smart meters and systems. The products cover four series of intelligent water meter, heat meter, intelligent gas meter and smart electricity meter. The company not only provides smart meters, but also provides systems, supporting equipment and software supporting the operation of smart meters.
Split type heat meter

The remote water meter is based on the common mechanical cold and hot water meter, plus the remote output system. The main control parameters of the water meter are flow, common flow, overload flow, minimum flow, boundary flow, nominal pressure, maximum allowable working pressure, pressure loss, etc.
According to different electromechanical conversion methods, it can be divided into: real-time conversion remote water meter, direct reading remote water meter, pulse remote water meter, passive thick film direct reading remote water meter
According to the different structure of the wing wheel, it can be divided into spiral wing type remote water meter and rotor type remote water meter
According to the immersion mode of counting machine parts, it can be divided into: dry remote water meter, wet remote water meter and liquid seal remote water meter
The selection of water meter should first consider the working environment of water meter, such as water temperature, working pressure, working time, measuring range and water quality, etc., and then determine the diameter of water meter according to the design flow through the water meter to produce the pressure loss of water meter close to or not exceeding the specified value. In general, when the nominal diameter is not greater than DN50, the rotor type water meter should be used; when the nominal diameter is greater than DN50, the spiral wing water meter should be used; when the flow rate of the water meter changes greatly, the compound water meter should be used. Wet type water meter should be preferred in interior design.

Intelligent heat meter

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