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Lora wireless remote gas meter

Shanghai Yupei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise specializing in smart meters and systems in China. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of smart meters and systems. The products cover four series of intelligent water meter, heat meter, intelligent gas meter and smart electricity meter. The company not only provides smart meters, but also provides systems, supporting equipment and software supporting the operation of smart meters.
Lora wireless remote gas meter

On the outside of the gas meter, you can only see a scroll wheel with numbers in the small glass window. There are also seven digits on the roller. The first four decimal places are black and the last three are red. People's daily cooking fuel has changed from wood, coal and other resources waste, serious pollution of conventional energy into natural gas and gas, even electricity and other clean energy. Here, the gas meter will play its role. Its automatic accumulation function enables those who use natural gas or pipeline gas to easily know how much gas they have used, so that they can pay according to the cubic meters of gas consumed each month.
When using gas, you can see the lowest digit wheel slowly turning. When the lowest bit goes from 0 to 9, the number wheel in front of it turns once to increase the reading by one number, which is called carry. Obviously, this is also a decimal counting device called "roller counter". Its shape is shown in the figure below. Although the appearance of the roller is smooth, there are only numbers. In fact, there is a circle of wheels on both sides of each digit (some of them are hidden in the number wheel), and there is a small gear beside the two adjacent digits to mesh with two digital wheels. But the shape of the pinion is special, usually it is slippery, and only drives the higher bit to rotate together when carrying. Although the principle is not complicated, it is hard to say, and it is not easy to describe its action with graphics. Here we will not explain its principle.

Intelligent gas meter

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