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Large diameter IC card intelligent water meter

Shanghai Yupei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise specializing in smart meters and systems in China. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of smart meters and systems. The products cover four series of intelligent water meter, heat meter, intelligent gas meter and smart electricity meter. The company not only provides smart meters, but also provides systems, supporting equipment and software supporting the operation of smart meters.
Large diameter IC card intelligent water meter

一、Functional characteristics  

1, Electric Current 220V and backup battery power supply at the same time, when the power failure, the backup battery can be automatically put into operation; when the backup battery power shortage automatically close the valve.
2, Automatic alarm and automatic closing of valve in case of man-made damage.
3, when the user purchase water surplus is 20 tons, the controller automatically shut off the valve alarm, prompting the user to purchase water, when again after the user card resume water supply. 

4, Close the valve immediately after the meter is attacked, and only open the valve to supply water after the sales department has checked the meter.
5, If the controller can still receive the counting signal sent by the water meter after the purchase water is exhausted, the residual water quantity shown by the controller will be negative and the valve will be automatically closed again.has the timing switch valve function, 

6, effectively prevents because the valve long-term has not switched and the rust dies the phenomenon.

二、Main technical parameters

1, The maximum allowable error: Low region (Q1≤ Q < Q2) ;
2, The maximum allowable error is ± 5%, High region (Q2≤ Q ≤ Q4).
3, The maximum allowable error is The water temperature ≤30 °C is ± 2%.
4, Electromechanical conversion error ≤ ± 1(minimum display scale) ;
5,Temperature Class: Cold Water Meter 0 ~ 30 °C hot water meter 30-90 °C.
6,Sensitivity level of flow profile: U10; sensitivity level of downstream flow field: D5;
7,Pressure loss grade: ⊿ p63.

三、Controller parameters

1.Battery Specification: 1 3.0V ~ 3.6V lithium battery(model 18505)
2.Voltage range: 2.5v-4.0v, it can work normally when the voltage is not lower than 2.5V
3.Electrostatic current: ≤ 2 μ a
4.Maximum Cut off the time: ≤ 10 s
5. Adopt 5-wire valve (recommended): motor + red, motor black, common terminal white, green valve opening signal, yellow valve closing signal
6. Or 2-wire valve (optional): motor + red, motor black, maximum resistance current 300mA (locked rotor in place / power off in place)
7. Prepaid management function: external circuit control valve can be connected
8. Valve opening and closing times: > 2000 times
9. Working pressure: 0.05 ~ 1.6Mpa
10. Pressure loss: < 0.2MPa
11. Built in frequency counter

Intelligent water meter

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